Arts Award supporter

The National Art&Design Saturday Club is very proud to be an Arts Award Supporter!

Arts Award is a unique qualification that supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders, developing creativity, leadership and communication skills.

If you’re already working towards your Arts Award, getting involved with the Saturday Club could contribute towards completing your Bronze or Silver Award.

Here are a few examples:

Arts Award requirement

  • Take part in arts activity and develop skills
  • Respond to and review artists’ work
  • Research artists and their careers
  • Share skills or organise a leadership project


Saturday Club activity

  • Attend weekly Saturday Club classes
  • Discuss exhibitions you see – for example as part of the London Visit – complete the Young Critics form and post reviews on Arts Award Voice
  • Research and interview artists/designers at your Masterclass
  • Lead short sessions within weekly classes, help plan your group’s exhibition for the Summer Show or organise a local exhibition


How do I achieve an Arts Award?

Ask your Saturday Club tutors if the college or university is an Arts Award centre and if they or their colleagues are Arts Award advisers.  Some Saturday Clubs offer Arts Award.

If not, check if your school is running Arts Award or look for a local Arts Award centre