Creative Career Visits

If you’re a creative business, you can help us by hosting a one-day visit from a young person (aged 13-16).

Our new programme of Creative Career Visits are for young people already attending the National Art&Design Saturday Club.

At 14-16 it is too early for them to have work placements but we have found through our pilot that a carefully planned one-day visit gives a valuable insight which may help them decide whether to go on to further and higher education and a career in the creative industries.

It was amazing to be somewhere that my opinion was valued and I was treated as an equal. I can no longer think of any company I would rather work for. It has benefitted me so much and given me a goal to aim for.”

National Art&Design Saturday Club member from University for the Creative Arts Epsom, visiting digital consultancy ustwo

All it needs from you or your team is a commitment to spend a short amount of time explaining what you do and how you do it. We will make all the arrangements.

The Creative Career Visit involves:

Selecting a convenient day in July or August;
Hosting one or two young people for up to one day in your studio;
Introducing the team – from the founders and directors to the newest recruits – and explaining your career paths;
Showing them what you do with reference to some of your projects (respecting client confidentiality where appropriate);
Answering their questions, which will help them write a short report about their day.

We got to know about every aspect of the company, from its history and achievements, management and building client relations, to a look into their creative processes, designing and decision making.”

National Art&Design Saturday Club member from the University of Huddersfield, visiting communications agency Elmwood

Help us find the UK’s next creative generation!

To find out more please contact Sorrel Hershberg on 020 7845 5864,