In spring the Club members are given an incredible opportunity – to attend a Masterclass with one of the UK's foremost engineers, writers, artists and designers, sometimes in their own studio or workspace.

It is a chance for Britain’s next generation to meet and work with some of the best artists and designers practising today and to gain first-hand advice and new role models.

Take a look at the films of some of our Masterclasses.

William Warren Masterclass at UCA Farnham 2016

Jim Le Fevre and RAMP Masterclass for Truro College and Falmouth University 2016

Super Masterclass taught by fung+bedford, [Musson+Retallick] and Thomas Randall-Page & Theodore Molloy at UAL 2016

Masterclass with Paul Priestman & Amos Marchant for University of Bolton, Bolton School of Art 2016

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UAL's masterclass with fung+bedford
Cornwall College's masterclass with Knee High
UCA Epsom at Silo Studio's Masterclass
UCA Farnham with William Warren

We believe that direct contact between young people and professionals is key to gaining insights into what working in the creative field really means and what routes might be taken to get there. It also introduces young people to the approaches that professional practitioners take to their work, something that few of them will have experienced in school.

To date, over 100 artists, designers and architects have given their time to lead a Saturday Club Masterclass.

Masterclass with Harriet Devine of Tatty Devine of University for the Creative Arts Rochester 2016

Masterclass with Stuart Haygarth at Barking & Dagenham College 2016

Masterclass with Katie Greenyer of Pentland Brand LTD for Middlesex University 2016

Extended Masterclass by the English National Opera with London Metropolitan University 2016

Masterclass with Jonathan Barnbrook at Ravensbourne 2016

Masterclass with Paul Jenkins of Triple Double for Burnley College 2016

Northbrook College Masterclass at Ditching Museum of Art + Craft
Truro College and Falmouth University's Masterclass with Jim Le Fevre and Rup of RAMPceramics

Masterclass with Maya Alvarado from Fixperts at Ravensbourne 2016

Masterclass with David Constantine with Coleg Sir Gar Art&Design Club 2016

It was an absolute pleasure to give the Masterclass. The programme succeeds in providing real examples of routes into industry, and hopefully inspires people when they are taking their options and looking for HE courses.”

Dev Morgan, ustwo

Masterclass with Pali Palavathanan of TEMPLO for Victoria & Albert Museum 2016

Masterclass by Madeleine Kessler & Manijeh Verghese for Lincoln School of Architecture & Design, University of Lincoln 2016

Masterclass with Peter Marigold for Goldsmiths, University of London 2016

London Metropolitan University's Masterclass with the English National Opera
Cranford College's Masterclass at Wallpaper* Magazine

The Masterclass at Turner Duckworth was a huge success. Bruce’s talk was pitched perfectly towards design as a career choice and, since the visit, at least nine Club members are considering a career in graphic design!”

Linda Newcombe, tutor, University of West London

Ravensbourne Science&Engineering Club's Masterclass at Fixperts Studios
University of Bolton's Masterclass at Priestmangoode

Masterclass at ARUP with Kingston University with Art&Design and Science&Engineering Clubs 2016

Masterclass by the Royal Opera House with University of Brighton Fashion&Buisness Club with support from British Fashion Council 2016

I really enjoyed the Masterclass at Arup, but more importantly so did the young people I talked to. I don’t imagine many of them would have thought about careers in engineering before, but they certainly would afterwards. They were clearly enthused by working with
high-quality resources and expert professionals in a grown-up workplace.”

Dawn Taylor, Department for Education

Cambridge School of Art's masterclass at Arsenal

National Glass Centre at the University of Sunderland Masterclass with Maria Bang Espersen, 2015

University of Brighton and Northbrook College Masterclass with Katie Greenyer, 2015

Nottingham Trent University Masterclass with Peter Ting, 2015

Cambridge School of Art Masterclass at Imagination, 2015

Coventry University Masterclass at Jaguar Land Rover, 2015

Cambridge School of Art Masterclass at Wallpaper*

Masterclass with Mike Davies at Sussex Coast College Hastings 2011

Masterclass with Peter Randall-Page at Somerset College, 2012

Masterclass with Ben Wilson at Ravensbourne, 2014

Masterclasses 2015–2016

  • Alphabetical
    Cullinan Studio
    David Constantine
    Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft
    Ella Doran
    English National Opera
    Graham Carlow
    John Owens
    Jonathan Barnbrook
    Kneehigh Theatre
    Malcolm Garrett
    Madeleine Kessler & Manijeh Verghese
    Michael Eden
    Nabil El-Nayal
    NOMNOM Chocolate
    Pali Palavathanan
    Paul Jenkins
    Pentland Brands-Katie Greenyer
    Peter Marigold
  • PriestmanGoode
    RAMP and Jim Le Fevre
    Richard Slee
    Royal Opera House and Tamar Manoukian Costume Centre
    Samantha Moore
    Silo Studio
    Stuart Haygarth
    Studio Make Believe
    Studio Sutherl&
    Tatty Devine
    Thomas Randall-Page
    Vineta Gailite
    William Warren
    Zack McLughlin
    Zoe Hitchen

Masterclass with Gitta Gschwendtner at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 2013

Masterclass with Lee Lapthorne at De Montfort University, 2013

University of the Arts London Masterclass with Dave Bramston, Ali Sheply and YeLi from Lincoln University, 2015

Masterclass with Silo Studio at Hereford College of Arts, 2014

Masterclass highlights 2013

Masterclass with Andrew Bolton from Paul Smith at University of Lincoln, 2014

Masterclass with Thomas Heatherwick for Hereford College of Arts 2010

Masterclass with Antony Gormley for Leeds College of Art 2010

Masterclass with Dominic Lippa for Plymouth College of Art 2010

Masterclass with Simon Waterfall for Cleveland College of Art and Design 2010


  • 2009–2010
    Antony Gormley
    Domenic Lippa
    Simon Waterfall
    Thomas Heatherwick


  • 2010–2011
    Daljit Singh
    Jonathan Sands
    Quentin Newark
    Naomi Cleaver
    Martin Nixon
    Matt Stokes
    Michael Horsham
    Michael Marriott
    Mike Davies
    Paul Priestman
    Simon “Sanky” Sankarayya


  • 2011–2012
    Antony Frost & Bob Devereux
    Betty Jackson
    Colin McHenry
    Corin Mellor
    David Constantine
    Katie Greenyer
    Marion Deuchars
    Oliver Wright
    Peter Randall-Page
    Richard Forster
    Sebastian Conran
    Wayne & Gerardine Hemingway


  • 2012–2013
    Ab Rogers
    Amos Marchant
    A Practice for Everyday Life
    Daljit Singh
    Dominick Tyler
    Faye Toogood and Francesca Sarti
    Gitta Gschwendtner
    Joel Cady
    John Miller
    Katie Greenyer
    Lee Lapthorne
    Luke Miles
    Luke Pearson
    Mark Bond
    Matt Moate
    Michael Johnson
    Nicholas Arroyave-Portela
    Pascal Anson
    Paul Cocksedge
    Peter Griffith & Lea Jagendorf
    Richard Sorger
    William Warren


  • 2013–2014
    Alice Cicolini
    Andrew Bolton
    Antony Frost & Bob Devereux
    Ben Wilson
    Christophe Egret
    Dog Ears
    Fredrikson Stallard and Swarovski
    Gardiner Richardson
    Heatherwick Studio
    Ian Beesley and National MediaMuseum, Bradford
    Jeremy Deller
    John Lewis
    Magdalene Odundo
    Moritz Waldemeyer
    Peter Marigold
    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
    Silo Studio
    Tom Lloyd
    Turner Duckworth


  • 2014-2015
  • Andy Wyatt
    Assa Ashuach
    Bob and Roberta Smith
    Alex Swain
    Cath Speight
    Cristina Florit Gomila & Andrew Khosravani
    Dave Bramston, Ali Shepley and YeLi
    Ed Carpenter and Andre Klauser
    Emily Nixon
    Fredrikson Stallard
    Graphic Thought Facility
    Helen Hughes
    Jaguar Land Rover
    Jim Le Fevre
    Joe Hartley
    Madeline Kessler and Manijeh Verghese
    Maria Band Espersen
    Michaelis Boyd
    National Theatre
    Peter Randall-Page
    Peter Ting
    Reece Ingram
    Richard Sorger
    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
    Silo Studio
    Stuart Haygarth
    Stafford Schmool
    Studio Sutherl&
    Thomas Randall-Page, Kathryn Tommins and Amy Bradley-Smith

Banbury and Bicester Masterclass at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, 2015

Masterclass with Ab Rogers at University of the Arts London, 2013

Coleg Sir Gar Masterclass at Arup, 2015

University of West London Masterclass with Jim Sutherland, 2015

Lincoln University Masterclass with [musson+retallick], 2015

Kingston University Masterclass at ARUP, 2014

Masterclass with Katie Greenyer at Ravensbourne, 2013

Masterclass with Nicholas Arroyave-Portela at Sussex Coast College Hastings, 2013

Masterclass with Luke Pearson at Coventry University, 2013

Masterclass with Katie Greenyer at Sussex Coast College Hastings 2012

Masterclass with Paul Priestman at priestmangoode studios with Club members from University for the Creative Arts Epsom