2020-21 Evaluation Resources

Please find below links to the online forms for different stake holders within the Saturday Club including:

  • Club members who have completed the programme
  • Club members who left the programme
  • Student assistants
  • Parents/ Guardians and Carers
  • Teachers/ Educators

For Clubs ending before the end of June, forms must be submitted by Monday 28th June

If you are running an in person Club, we can provide you with a QR code to print off and your Club members can scan to access the form.

If for whatever reason a digital form is not accessible, we are able to provide a printable PDF version on request.

Club member forms

Club members should have completed three forms in the year:

At the beginning of the Club

  • Registration Form
  • Equal Opportunities Form

At the end of the Club

Liz Cowley can update you on the forms we have received from your Club members.
*Club members who complete the evaluation form have the opportunity to enter a Prize Draw to win an iPad. The terms and conditions for this Prize Draw can be found HERE and are linked on the form.

Student assistant evaluation form
We know that many of you engage with a range of Students from within your institutions as part of the Club and know the value they can bring to the programme.

This year we hope to capture more of their stories and tell them within your End-of-Year Reports.

Parent/ Guardian/ Carer feedback
We know that Parents/ Guardians and Carers have a key role in young people engaging with the Saturday Club programme and have played a different role in this year’s virtual Clubs in particular, so are keen to receive feedback from them.

Teacher/ Educator feedback
Teachers are often key in signposting Club members to the programme and noticing changes in confidence and work at school as a result of the Saturday Club, so are keen to receive feedback from them.

Thank you for engaging in the National Saturday Club evaluation. The Trust will be sure to share it’s findings with you. If you have any questions at all, please contact Liz Cowley.


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