Just launched: Summer Show 2021

12 June, 2021

The National Saturday Club Summer Show celebrates the ideas, vision and creativity of young people, featuring the work of the 13–16-year-old Club members from across the UK, who have taken part in free programmes in Art&Design, Fashion&Business, Film&Media, Science&Engineering and Writing&Talking.

Visit show.saturday-club.org to explore the online exhibition and see work from the Club’s weekly classes, and outcomes from inspiring virtual Masterclasses with industry experts including Arup, ILM, GQ, Pentland Brands, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

There is also a showcase of Saturday Club members’ submissions from the London Design Biennale and Chatham House ‘Design In An Age Of Crisis’ Open Call. The ideas and projects the young people have developed are often profound and deeply thought-provoking, offering fresh perspectives on the challenges we all face, and encouraging us to think differently.

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