2022-23 Evaluation Resources

The Saturday Club Trust evaluates the national programme annually, capturing stories across the network, gathering data and sharing best practice. We see this process as essential to the National Saturday Club’s continued development.

If you have any questions about the resources, or would like to talk about your evaluation, please contact Liz Cowley, Research and Evaluation Manager at liz@saturday-club.org

At the beginning of the Club

Club members need to complete their registration to the National Saturday Club Programme by completing the Registration form.

We encourage forms to be completed digitally. The Registration Form link can be emailed before your Club starts or the form can be completed in the Club session. The forms are mobile friendly, so you can print off a QR CODE POSTER and ask Club members to scan to can complete the forms in the first session.

  • Registration form – to be issued in July 2022
    Update: The equal opportunities questions are now integrated into the Registration form, so that Club members only need to complete the one digital form. If you would like to test this form yourself and experience the process, please use the Last Name “TEST” so that we can delete it from your data.

Please share data securely:

It’s important that any personally identifiable data is handled and stored securely. Please do not send any personal data relating to the Club members via email. If you would like to share data and/or information with the National Saturday Club, please upload here: 

If you would like to send us any personally identifiable information by post, please do so by recorded delivery.

For more information on data sharing please refer to the Tutors’ Handbook or contact Paul Allnutt paul@saturday-club.org

Throughout the Year:

  • If Club members leave for whatever reason, please send them the follow-up form. This will enable us to better understand retention and the barriers to the Saturday Club.
  • Send us your register termly so that we can understand attendance and retention over the course of the year. You can upload this securely through our server 2022 23 Registers.
  • The National Saturday Club Representative at the Masterclass will distribute and collect paper Masterclass feedback forms. When there hasn’t been time, we will ask you to distribute the digital Masterclass form.
  • You can share any evaluation, quotes, feedback or research with the National Saturday Club by emailing liz@saturday-club.org or securely through our server.

At the end of the year:

  • Club member evaluation
    At the end of the Club, members should complete the final evaluation form which will gather information about their experience, will see if there’s been any changes in attitude to education, careers and creative habits since the baseline gathered at the beginning of the Club. 
  • Student assistant evaluation form
    We know that many of you engage with a range of Students from within your institutions as part of the Club and know the value they can bring to the programme.
    This year we hope to capture more of their stories and tell them within your End-of-Year Reports.
  • Parent/ Guardian/ Carer feedback
    We know that Parents/ Guardians have a key role in young people engaging with the Saturday Club programme and often see the impact the Club has on their children.

More information about the National Evaluation approach in the Tutors’ Handbook

Thank you for engaging in the National Saturday Club evaluation. The Trust will be sure to share its findings with you. If you have any questions at all, please contact Liz Cowley.


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