Coronavirus (Covid-19) statement:

Last updated: September 2020

During these uncertain times, the Saturday Club Trust will ensure that National Saturday Club members and host institutions are fully supported and informed of programme developments as we continue to respond to the fluctuating circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Saturday Club Trust team are working both from home and in the office but remain fully contactable via email and telephone. If you telephone the office landlines you will be diverted to individual staff members’ mobile numbers.

The Trust remains committed to supporting the hard work of host institutions in continuing the delivery of the National Saturday Club programme for young people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our primary consideration is the health and welfare of everyone in the network. Accordingly, we have reviewed the whole programme for this academic year with the understanding that Saturday Clubs will not be running in their usual format.

The Trust has developed detailed guidance for all host institutions to facilitate the running of the programme – approaches can be tailored to each Club’s unique circumstances and location. Saturday Clubs are running a mixture of face-to-face, blended and virtual weekly classes. We very much support this approach and encourage all Clubs to endeavour to safely deliver the 2020/21 programme in this way.

Following the virus outbreak in mid-March, there has been a rapid and innovative collaborative response by the whole National Saturday Club network, to develop an online programme to support tutors in the delivery of the National Saturday Club and to provide inspiration to all Club members at home. National Saturday Club Online is a central resource, encompassing digital projects contributed by Club tutors and Masterclasses developed by industry professionals. We hope that the projects available on National Saturday Club: Online will spark joy and creativity, whilst providing opportunities for our Club members to build their skills and discover their talents from home. We were also delighted to launch a new digital summer show in July 2020 which can be explored here.

It is an uncertain time for young people, and opportunities to be creative are vital to our collective mental health and well-being. We are committed to ensuring that young people across the UK continue to have the opportunity to develop their skills and explore the subjects they love for free, despite the challenging circumstances.

I would like to thank the whole network for your ongoing support and engagement with the programme.

With best wishes,

Lucy Kennedy

CEO, Saturday Club Trust and The Sorrell Foundation


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