FAQ for National Saturday Club: Online

We hope that the information below will answer some of the questions you may have about National Saturday Club: Online and the practicalities of running virtual Saturday classes. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the Saturday Club Trust team who will be happy to help.



What resources are there on the website?

We are uploading a range of briefs to the website contributed by tutors, student assistants and Masterclass givers. 

Weekly class activity packs include an outline activity, the project method, materials needed (kept as minimal as possible) as well as additional information and references needed to complete the tasks.

Masterclass briefs tell the story of the Masterclass giver and set a project for the Club members to complete at home.

How can I use the digital resources?

The digital resources can be shared with your Club members to work on at home independently or, where possible, they can be used as lesson plans to support your online classes.

How are the resources uploaded and when?

New briefs, both activity packs and Masterclasses, will be uploaded each week by the National Saturday Club team. If you can send us a brief for upload, please send it to us by Wednesday to ensure that it is uploaded in time for a class on the following Saturday.

How will this be shared with Club members?

We encourage you to share Projects and Masterclasses directly with your Club members.

We will are also sending a weekly news bulletin to all of the Club members who have shared email addresses on their registration forms with details of new project launches and Masterclasses.

Who has access to the digital resources?

Content on the National Saturday Club website is publicly accessible.



How can I share a brief online?

Click here for more information about what an activity brief should include. You are welcome to send us briefs as regularly as you are able to, whether that is weekly,  biweekly, or as a one-off. 

Please email your brief to zoe@saturday-club.org and we will upload them to the National Saturday Club website. You can request to review the reformatted brief once it is published online.

Please note, you hold the intellectual rights for the briefs you share and can ask to have the brief removed from the website at any time by contacting a member of the Saturday Club Trust’s team.

I already have digital workshop briefs, can these be added to the website?

Yes, please send your workshop plans to zoe@saturday-club.org and we will upload these to the website. If you would like them published in time for your Saturday classes, please send the documents and image files to us by the Wednesday prior to the class. 

How can I use the Masterclass briefs?

The National Saturday Club is working with a number of industry partners to develop Online Masterclass activities. 

If you are running remote classes, you are welcome to use these briefs in your classes, alternatively, Club members can complete these independently. Please send on specific Masterclasses to your members if you feel they are relevant. 

There will also be an option for Club members to sign up to a mailing list to receive all Masterclass briefs directly from the National Saturday Club.



What materials will be needed for the activities?

We are aware that availability of materials will differ for Club members and all briefs have been developed to primarily make use of widely available, inexpensive and/or household objects. 

When submitting a brief, please ensure that the materials needed for your projects are readily accessible as usual household products if possible. For example: pens, paper, pencils, colouring pens, toilet roll tubes, kitchen foil, magazine cuttings and so on. You might also suggest alternative materials that could work just as well with the brief. 

How do young people submit their work?

Club members should scan or take a photo of the work they produce. There is a button to submit work on each activity page. There are number of ways the outcomes can be shared with you.



We are aware that a number of Clubs are either running or considering running their weekly classes virtually, using conferencing software. We strongly encourage this as it ensures that Club members will continue to benefit from taking part in the programme at this challenging time. To help with your planning, we have outlined some basic guidance around this below but if you would like more advice on this, please contact gemma@saturday-club.org 

How do I run a virtual class?

Setting up a virtual class for your club is very simple. 

First, decide which video conferencing platform. Your institution may already have a subscription to an online video conferencing tool or may be able to provide guidance on which platforms would be most suitable.

Next, ensure appropriate safeguarding procedures are in place, referring to your institution’s policies.

Once this is arranged, contact your Club members through your usual means of communication to let them know the class will be taking place and provide them with a link to access the video call. This video call should be accessible via a direct link only and be password protected. 

Should video classes be password protected?

Yes, please refer to your institution’s safeguarding policy regarding video conferencing. 

What platform should I use?

There are many platforms available, choose one that you feel comfortable using and that gives you the option to host a closed video conference. Your institution may already be set up with an online video conferencing platform.

Can I invite external attendees to the call?

The tutor hosting the class should be aware of all participants in the call and there should be no-one attending unless they have been authorised by the Club tutor or institution in advance.

New young people wanting to join the Club should register with the Club’s associated institution and complete a National Saturday Club registration form beforehand.

What safeguarding protections should I put in place?

As always, please refer to your institution’s safeguarding policy and guidelines for online safety. Here are a few things to remember when hosting your online classes:

  • Notify your institution that the club will be taking place online
  • Make sure Club members’ parents/guardians are aware that they are joining the Saturday Club online class
  • Always set up video calls using your professional email account and never share any personal contact details
  • Ensure that your back-drop is professional and appropriate
  • Where possible, have at least two DBS checked adults present on the video call. If this is not possible, contact us as we may be able to provide extra support from our team
  • Only contact your Club members using the video-conferencing service at times scheduled for a Saturday Club class, and at no other time. If a Club member tries to contact you outside of these scheduled times, ensure that this is reported as per your institution’s safeguarding reporting procedures
  • Remember that your duty of care extends to online interactions as it would in person and that safeguarding reporting procedures should be adhered to as outlined by your institutions.

Here are some useful links with information about online safety and protecting children online → 


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