Daniel Waterman, VFX

  • Staffordshire University

Club members from the Staffordshire University Art&Design Club were delighted to welcome Daniel Waterman from Carse and Waterman Productions and Access:VFX for an insightful Masterclass in VFX.

The session began with a presentation from Daniel about how VFX works in film and television, and a behind-the-scenes look at how VFX and CGI works in building up characters and scenes. Dan spoke to the group about how he got into the industry as well as the wide range of roles in the sector, and how that’s also possible for everyone, everywhere. Some of the Club members said that they found this extremely inspiring and it made them feel they could achieve whatever they wanted.

Finally, Dan led a workshop in 3D computer graphics software Maya, during which all Club members built a virtual 3D rocket.


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