Flight Crowd, vertiports and drone flight

  • Staffordshire University

Flight Crowd, an Urban Air Mobility Community, hosted a Masterclass for University of Staffordshire Art&Design and Science&Engineering Clubs.

Mariya Tarabanovska and Marsha Ilina lead a discussion with Club members on materials and construction possibilities for Vertiports, take-off and landing areas for unmanned electric aircraft.

Club member Vertiports were created using a variety of recycled materials and included commercial elements such as food-halls and shops. Each Club member considered how a Vertiport could cater for passengers as well as work as an effective flight zone.

Some members considered inverted and stand-alone designs. One creation featured a subterranean Vertiport, taking inspiration from subway systems. Another design stood as a large cylinder with side pods along its side, for inclusion of eateries.

Once their Vertiports were complete, each team practised flying 4DRC Mini Drones before presenting their concept to the rest of the group and demonstrating landing the drones on each of their designs. Each Club left with their own mini drone.

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