Nabil Nayal, experimental drawing and figurative collage

  • University of Central Lancashire

Nabil Nayal led an experimental-drawing Masterclass with Fashion&Business and Art&Design Club members from the University of Central Lancashire. Using bamboo sticks, their less dominant hand and a variety of stimuli, Club members produced works exploring the notion of ‘hope’ and also had the opportunity to create figurative collages using 3D materials.

After introducing himself and his work, Nabil launched Club members into the first activity by encouraging them to draw quickly and to take risks. Embracing inventive techniques, members attached drawing implements to bamboo sticks in order to distance themselves from wall mounted paper. Some members chose to draw with their left hand (if they were right-handed) and vice versa. Nabil circulated throughout the Masterclass and engaged with the Club members to give them individual pointers.

In another activity, members explored ‘hope,’ relishing in the challenge to experiment and think outside of their personal comfort zones. Nabil contextualised the ‘hope’ stimulus by encouraging discussion on the world’s current political and global climate. ‘Hope’ is more important today than it ever has been before.

 Experimenting further with innovative techniques, Club members worked in pairs to create collaborative drawings. Standing back-to-back one member would describe to their partner what was to be drawn and their partner would draw it. This was a great exercise in communication, teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking.

Towards the end of the Masterclass, Club members used all of their newly found skills to create a figurative collage using 3D elements such as scrunched-up newspaper. Club members were able to take the time to explore each other’s works and see the final result of their collaborative creative outputs.

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