Nick Veasey, x-ray imaging

  • University for the Creative Arts Rochester

The University for the Creative Arts Rochester Club travelled to photographer Nick Veasey’s Process Gallery in Lenham, where Nick led a Masterclass that revolved around his unique method of x-ray imaging.

Each Club member brought with them an object, which Nick helped to arrange in his purpose-built x-ray chamber before they pulled closed a huge, heavy metal door and worked the controls to take the x-ray. Nick then worked with each member to process the image. Everyone also had the chance to take part in a group session about curating – having brought some of their work with them, they considered how to select pieces to show, how they related and the best way to arrange them – and to sketch their objects, thinking about cross sections and what was inside them as well as their exteriors. It was a quietly focussed workshop with lots of great advice from Nick and very successful outcomes in the form of impressive x-ray photographs.

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