Peter Marigold, jesmonite panels

  • Goldsmiths, University of London

Peter Marigold introduced himself to the members of the Goldsmiths, University of London, Art&Design Club with a short presentation about his work as a maker and designer.

Peter explained that everybody would be making cast jesmonite panels based on 3D printed images of surfaces. The process would involve using USB microscopes to take photographs of skin, cloth, bark etc, selecting favourites and then replicating the patterns and forms in clay tiles. After this, clay tiles would be made into moulds and filled with jesmonite, a thin concrete-like substance that is mixed with acrylic to make it more flexible.

However, before starting, the Club members used FORMcards to make their own tools for working the clay. FORMcard is a new material that Peter has developed. Sold in credit-card sized coloured pieces, FORMcard is a bioplastic that becomes malleable  when immersed in boiling water. It can be used to make and mend a variety of objects.

The group was small but very much enjoyed experimenting with all of the different processes. They enjoyed experimenting with FORMcard, working out how to shape it, thinking about what kinds of tools they might need.

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