Stiff + Trevillion, urban farming

  • University of West London

Architectural practice Stiff + Trevillion took part in the Masterclasses programme for the first time this year, leading a future-facing workshop in urban farming and city planning for the University of West London Art&Design Club.

In 1 Lyric Square, a space designed by Stiff+Trevillion, the Club members received an exciting introduction into architecture, what being an architect involves, and how architecture and cities will dramatic evolve over the next 40 years.

Working together in pairs, the Club members each worked on a section of a map of Hammersmith, generating development concepts that brought agriculture and farming into the city. They then produced models of their ideas using an array of recycled material and packaging.

Some of the young people’s concepts included a gym that creates power through kinetic energy, buildings that collect and use their own supply of rain water, and a cemetery with fruit trees that grown from decay.

At the end of the Masterclass the map segments were combined to form an architectural vision, highlighting the potential for urban farming in Hammersmith in 2060.

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