Tim Lucas, structural engineering

  • Kingston University London

After creating a Masterclass film to support the launch of the National Saturday Club’s Online programme, Tim Lucas – a structural engineer and Partner of civil and structural engineering practice Price & Myers – joined the Kingston University London Science&Engineering Club for an insightful virtual session where he discussed bridge design and construction.

Tim gave a presentation on why and how he became a structural engineer, a journey which which began with a school trip to see The Louvre in Paris! Tim explained some of the processes involved in structural and architectural engineering including some of his own projects such as the Millennium Bridge in Dublin and his own house.

Then it was time for the activity brief. Tim introduced the structural engineering project, which was to construct a 2 metre bridge out of recyclables found in the home, and provided some insightful industry tips for making strong and stable structures. The Club members met with Tim again a few weeks later to feedback on what they had made and discussed how they had constructed their bridges.

You can take part in the online Masterclass, here.

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