Tutors’ Meeting – October 2022

00:00 – 07:10
Welcome, Programme Updates and Introduction to Growth Mindset
Dhikshana Turakhia Pering, Director of Programmes

07:10 – 12:40
Session overview
Dhiyandra Natalegawa, Programme Producer

12:40 – 21:02
Group discussion: What does Growth Mindset mean to me?

21:02 – 35:47
Group discussion: How has Growth Mindset positively helped you in life?

35:47 – 55:35
How have I applied the Growth Mindset in the context of the Saturday Club?
Guest speaker: Martin Wood, Kingston University London

55:35 – 01:12:12
Group discussion: How could we foster a Growth Mindset culture for the young people at the Saturday Club?

01:12:12 – 01:22:24


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