Tutors Connect 2022–23

We are always looking for ways to provide further support and enrichment for the National Saturday Club’s network of dedicated Club tutors. In 2021–22 one of the key recommendations of the Tutors Advisory Group was to develop a forum for Club tutors and coordinators to make connections, support each other in delivering the annual programme, and share best practice via a peer-to-peer scheme. In response to this proposal, ‘Tutors Connect’ will run as a pilot programme in 2022–23 to provide what we hope will be a rewarding and beneficial programme for Club tutors nationwide.

This pilot scheme aims to benefit educators, facilitators, and coordinators in the National Saturday Club Network through shared experience and mutual support. This opportunity is open to all coordinators, facilitators and delivery tutors including those who run the programme throughout the year or for a shorter project.

Please apply by Friday 4th November through the form below.

What you need to know:

  • For this pilot year, a limited number of tutors will be allocated to either a tutor pair or trio in accordance with their preferences by Friday 11th November
  • Pairs or trios will then be introduced to each other and provided with advice and guidelines for the scheme
  • The pilot programme will be reviewed and we will gather feedback from those who take part with the aim of rolling out widely in future years

Please note, matching up is subject to another Club tutor applying and meeting your criteria and so we can’t guarantee that a match will be made.


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