Contributing to National Saturday Club: Online

The launch of National Saturday Club: Online is an exciting opportunity to bring together the incredible range of expertise across the National Saturday Club’s network of professional tutors, partner institutions and industry professionals in a collaborative effort to build a central resource of creative projects for young people across the country to access from home.

To contribute to the project, please send us your creative project brief following the guidelines below. We will design the brief in-keeping with a bank of National Saturday Club resources, clearly crediting your institution and your personal contribution to the project.

What to include:

  • Project title: Short and snappy
  • Subject strand: The project can be relevant to the subject of your Club or multi-disciplinary across the NSC subject strands.
  • Key information: one or two word answers to the following
    • What topic is covered in this project?
    • What skills will Club members be developing?
    • How long will the activity take?
  • Overview of the project: short copy including related themes, time scale and a clear explanation of expected outcomes
  • Materials needed: should be accessible and ideally household items or basic stationery e.g. pens, pencils, paper, magazines, newspapers, materials that would otherwise be recycled, etc.
  • Step-by-step guide: should be easy to follow and walk them through step-by-step to the outcome. Including images or film as a guide is recommended but not essential
  • Outcomes: Outcomes for the brief should be easily shareable online, such as a photograph, digital file, short film or piece of writing. It is helpful to share photographed examples of work where possible. Club members will be able to upload their responses on the project page and there are a number of ways that these outcomes can be shared with you
  • Relevant facts, reference material or links to further resources online
  • Your bio: Please include a short bio and outline your role and involvement at the Saturday Club. If you would like, please also send us a quote to go with this. See other projects for examples of other tutor bios
  • Key image: This image will head your project. It should be eye-catching and representative of your project. You need to have copyright ownership of this image as it will be used for promotional purposes OR the Trust will select one from our archive.

A note on images – Please feel free to embed images in your project brief so that we know how you’d like them to accompany the copy, but also send us the files separately as extracting them from a document usually means they are very low resolution.

If you are using reference images that you do not own the copyright for, we can use them for educational purposes under fair use but you must send us:

  • Name of the creator eg artist, designer
  • Who owns the copyright (this may be the person who photographed the work rather than the artist or a  museum)
  • A link to the creators website or relevant link. We understand that this is not always possible or relevant


Please send your brief to Zoe Valles-Sessions:

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Where possible, we will send you a link to your project as soon as it’s published so that you can comment and notify us of any amends.


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