National Saturday Club Featured in FE Week

16 March, 2018

This month the FE Week featured the National Saturday Club and our work in further education colleges in their online publication. The piece explores the benefits of running Saturday Clubs in a Further Education institution noting its ability to boost recruitment figures.

The article includes quotes from our national network of tutors. Joanna Conlon, who runs our Saturday Club at Blackburn College summed the experience when she said; “I believe that the kids who attend are potentially the next Dysons, Hirsts and Emins. We need them.”

Our current Further Education College Saturday Clubs include;

Banbury & Bicester College

Blackburn College

Bradford College

City of Oxford College

Cranford Community College

Cleveland College of Art and Design

Cornwall College Cambourne

East Coast College

Grimsby Institute

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Highbury College

Hull College

Plymouth College of Art

Reading College

Truro and Penwith College

York College

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