One of our Club members finds it difficult at school. He now in his second year of the Saturday Club, and is even considering studying Bio-Medical Science at university.

Tutor, Cardiff Metropolitan University

I'm really interested in computer science and the Saturday Club has helped me to focus on this as something I'd like to pursue later on.

Club Member, Kingston University London

The Saturday Club contributes to the decision making process of going into further STEM study giving them an insight into the options available.

Tutor, Kingston University London


It is vital that the scientists and engineers of the future can think creatively and, as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we must ensure that young people are equipped with the skills to tackle the challenges our world faces.

Science&Engineering Saturday Clubs introduce the latest industry thinking and technologies, encouraging members to develop practical and analytical skills, and giving them the confidence to explore the industries that shape the world around us.

What will you learn?

The first Science&Engineering Saturday Club focused on the theme ‘a journey into space’. Since then, Clubs have looked at robotics, broadcast engineering, renewable energy, and wellbeing and nutrition. Each year-long programme includes demonstrations and hands-on investigations, as well as workshops and Masterclasses with prominent professionals working in the sciences and engineering.

You can find your nearest Science&Engineering Saturday Club on the map.

Did you know?

A career in Science&Engineering could mean working at the cutting edge of the latest technology and research, in an area like aerospace, environmental preservation, software development or sports biomechanics.


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