Masterclasses: Online

Learn from experts in their field and take part in project briefs specially developed by industry professionals in this series of virtual Masterclasses.

When you complete a Masterclass, send us your work to be part of the National Saturday Club’s online community, sharing ideas and creativity.

Christian De Vita, Storyboard Project

  • Art&Design

Antony Gormley, isolation figure

  • Art&Design

John Simmons, Let’s Make a Myth

  • Writing&Talking
Novelists, playwrights, cartoonists, film makers and games designers have all been inspired by ancient myths. In this Masterclass John Simmons challenges you to write your own.

Ben Terrett, design a smile

  • Art&Design
In this Masterclass, award-winning designer Ben Terrett shows you how to take an ordinary Amazon box and turn it into something extraordinary!

Triple Double Studio, Intergalactic Athletes

  • Art&Design
Sport is not currently happening on earth right now. So we’d like you to imagine what other sports are currently being played in space, and design and illustrate what an intergalactic athlete could look like!

Tim Lucas, bridge building

  • Science&Engineering
In this structural engineering Masterclass, Tim Lucas is challenging you to build a 2 metre long bridge made from recycled materials you can find at home
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