Summer Show 2018 – Virtual Tour

19 October, 2018

How to navigate the Summer Show Virtual Tour:

You can either use your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to walk around the exhibition. There are also some handy buttons on the lower edge of the tour.

(button descriptions from Left to Right)

Highlights: Enables a quick-jump to key Show areas
Play: Automatically pans around selected rooms as a slideshow
Pause: Freezes the automatic slideshow, enabling you to look around the rooms manually
View Dollhouse: a Birdseye view of the Show
Explore 3D Space: Exits Dollhouse view and provides a close-up of the Shows displays
View Floor Plan:  a 2D view of the Show
Floor Selector: Allows you to show or hide various floor levels that you wish to explore

View in VR: Provides the ability to view the tour in Virtual Reality ( only with a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset)
View Fullscreen: Expands the Virtual Tour to fit your screen’s dimensions

Don’t forget to click on the circular targets to view more information and films


CREDIT: Get Revolved

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