Saturday Club Highlights: November 2019

5 December, 2019

A T-shirt created by a Blackburn College Art&Design Club member during a screen printing project

A Club member at the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at Tate during the London Visit

Sculptural casting project from UCLAN Art&Design Club

Skittle chromatography at Staffordshire University Science&Engineering Club

Ferens Art Gallery and Hull College Art&Design Club explore London during the London Visit

York College Art&Design Club members visit York Art Gallery

Manchester Metropolitan University Art&Design Club working with light drawing

University of West London Science&Engineering Club members have a go at designing and making electronic textiles

Fashion illustration work from a UCLAN Fashion&Business Club member

A Plymouth College of Art Club member's self-portrait in progress in preparation for the London Visit

Samples from Manchester Fashion Institute Fashion&Business Club

Fashion illustration at UCLAN Fashion&Business Club

T-shirt making at London Metropolitan University Art&Design Club

Mixed media project at London Metropolitan University Art&Design Club

A University of Lincoln Art&Design Club member experimenting with illustration

Nottingham Trent University Art&Design Club on a Q-Art tour of Tate during the London Visit

Examples of experimental printmaking from University of Leeds Art&Design Club

Book making at the Art&Design Club at Winchester School of Art Art

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