National Saturday Club Summer Show 2020 goes online!

9 July, 2020

This year the National Saturday Club’s annual Summer Show will be presented as a dynamic online exhibition created by global experience agency Imagination.

Launching with a short film at 12.00 on Saturday 18 July, the Summer Show will celebrate the achievements and showcase the work of 1,500 13–16-year-olds who have taken part in the National Saturday Club programme this year.

The online exhibition will be a virtual celebration of the ideas, vision and creativity of young people. There are 67 Saturday Clubs across the UK hosted by universities, colleges and cultural organisations. Across Art&Design, Fashion&Business, Science&Engineering and Writing&Talking, each of the Saturday Clubs will be featured. The Summer Show will bring together everyone involved – from members and tutors to family, friends and industry supporters.

Providing a behind the scenes look at what the Clubs have been up to, alongside Club members’ creative, ambitious and thought-provoking work, the online Summer Show is not to be missed!

Visit from Saturday 18 July at 12.00 and explore the show!

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