Summer Show 2020: Virtual Saturday Club and Online Learning

24 July, 2020

‘Virtual Saturday Club and Online Learning’

This year’s online Summer Show celebrates the multitude of inspiring ways that members, tutors and industry supporters of the National Saturday Club have overcome the challenge of adapting the National Saturday Club into a virtual programme as a result of lockdown in the UK.

Fantastic innovation and collaboration from across the network has supported the transition into digital learning. New educational resources and opportunities have been developed to ensure that Club members continue to benefit from the programme. Take a look at some of the inspiring moments:


Online Summer Show

The brief to Imagination, the producers of the Summer Show, was to take the annual Somerset House exhibition online with a user experience that would engage and inspire. The National Saturday Club saw this as an opportunity to maximise the potential of the Summer Show and extend its reach further, celebrating and connecting the whole network virtually.

To those ends, Imagination has created a dynamic creative platform that raises the profile of the organisation, celebrates the ideas, vision and creativity of young people and embraces the breadth, depth and diversity of the National Saturday Club network nationwide. See the show here.


Virtual Masterclasses

Although many in-person Masterclasses took place before the pandemic, after lockdown others were given as virtual real-time sessions, offering the young people a unique opportunity to continue to meet and collaborate with high-profile industry practitioners.

Virtual Masterclasses have included technical drawing with structural engineering firm Arup, sustainable fashion design with Juliana Sissons and Tom Meades, bridge engineering with structural engineer Tim Lucas and designing intergalactic athletes with design studio Triple Double. Find all of the work here.


Virtual fashion design workshops

Throughout the UK lockdown, Saturday Club tutors developed a range of innovative solutions for staying in touch with their Club members such as running classes online and delivering materials to members’ homes.

Istituto Marangoni Fashion&Business Club members had been exploring the world of fashion styling in a series of workshops before lockdown and so the Club delivered miniature mannequins to each of the members so that they could continue their draping and sewing lessons in their virtual sessions. Take a look at their digital display here.


Surreal Bodies and Dreamscapes

The University of Leeds Art&Design Club have produced some fantastic work in their virtual classes, showing how online learning has enabled the Club members to continue to learn new creative skills. Their final project – ‘Surreal Bodies and Dreamscapes’ – displays some of the Club members’ Surrealist-inspired work, completed during their virtual classes. Club members took inspiration from their own dreams and the ways in which the subconscious imagination and memories can be depicted in art. View the work here.


Virtual filmmaking

For their Summer Show project, the Manchester School of Art Club presents their collective film ‘One Week in Lockdown’. Inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s lifelong film project, the members, tutors and student ambassadors each filmed a second of their life every day for a week during the UK lockdown, revealing their diverse experiences and acknowledging new perspectives to digital learning. See their full display here.

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