Me, Human x Birkbeck University: ‘Science Saturdays’

27 April, 2021

What makes you, you? How do humans evolve, and what impact does climate change have on evolution? How do antibodies combat viruses? Is there intelligent life on other planets in the universe?

These are just a few of the topics Dr Gillian Forrester will be exploring as part of ‘Science Saturdays’ – a joint project between Me, Human and Birkbeck University of London.

Each Saturday morning in May from 10:30–12.00, a series of lively and inspiring talks will bring together academics from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Psychological Sciences to talk about their research and career paths.

The sessions are free to attend and will be live streamed via Birkbeck’s YouTube channel.

Find out more and explore the full programme here.



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