National Saturday Clubs respond to ‘Design In An Age Of Crisis’

23 June, 2021

The National Saturday Club, in partnership with the London Design Biennale and Chatham House, invited Club members nationwide to take part in the Design in an Age of Crisis Young Person’s Brief. The brief was a global open call for radical design thinking which sought to harness the creativity that comes from crisis and asked ‘how can we create healthier, greener, equal and prosperous societies?’.

18 Saturday Clubs responded to the project with creativity and ingenuity. Club members generated ideas ranging from re-imagining empty retail space for young people to socialise and relax, to using seaweed as an alternative to plastic. The young people’s innovative concepts demonstrate the power of young people’s voice and the vision behind their hopes for the future.

The work is on display at Somerset House as part of the London Design Biennale until 27 June, it can also be explored online in the National Saturday Club Summer Show.

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