Just launched: Online Exhibition of Club members’ Self-Portraits

21 January, 2022

Explore an inspirational gallery of self-portraits created by 13–16 year old National Saturday Club members.

The annual National Saturday Club self-portrait project introduces Club members nationwide to ideas of self-expression.

In a simple A4 template, 13–16-year-old Club members from across the country are encouraged to explore their own sense of identity as well as themes including gender, class, race and representation. This self-reflective and multidisciplinary project celebrates young people’s individuality – their diversity, imagination, and unique perspectives – as they embark upon their National Saturday Club journey of discovery and inspiration. 

From papier-mâché and painting to poetry and photography, the Club members’ individuality shines through in their original and experimental works. The project embraces all six Saturday Club subjects, and reaches across disciplines, encouraging Club members to think about how identity is conveyed and the importance of diversity of ideas. 

The Club members’ work joins an archive of more than 9,000 self-portraits created by 13–16-year-olds over the past 13 years. Collectively these powerful statements of identity represent the next generation of creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Click here to visit the gallery

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