Launch of the Youth Board

28 September, 2022

We are delighted to announce that a new National Saturday Club Youth Board will be established in Autumn 2022.

This is an important new initiative that will champion young people’s voices and insights, bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds and communities across the country to influence the future of the programme.

Eleven young people aged 14 to 20, who have been a member of the National Saturday Club for at least one year, will discuss and share their thoughts and ideas in quarterly meetings. Throughout their term on the Board, members will come together to advise on the National Saturday Club’s activities and objectives, ensuring that the Trust’s governance and future planning is informed by the young people it serves. Youth Board members will also present to the Saturday Club Trust’s Board of Trustees on topics that are raised.

In addition, the Youth Board will provide a fantastic enrichment opportunity to those taking part. Board members will receive training on governance and advocacy and will participate in bespoke workshops led by the National Saturday Club’s network of industry partners.

The Youth Board will enable the National Saturday Club to further reflect upon the challenges and opportunities facing young people today and to embed these learnings across programme development, to the benefit of all young people taking part.

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