Now live: Online Self-Portrait Gallery 2022

6 December, 2022

Explore an inspirational gallery of self-portraits created by 13–16-year-old National Saturday Club members.

The annual National Saturday Club self-portrait project introduces Club members nationwide to ideas of self-expression.

In a simple A4 template, 13–16-year-old Club members from across the country are encouraged to explore their own sense of identity as well as themes including gender, class, race and representation. This self-reflective and multidisciplinary project celebrates young people’s individuality – their diversity, imagination, and unique perspectives – as they embark upon their National Saturday Club journey of discovery and inspiration. 

The Club members’ work joins an archive of thousands of self-portraits created by 13–16-year-olds over the past 14 years. Collectively these powerful statements of identity represent the next generation of creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

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