Club member interview: Evie, Craft&Making

1 August, 2023

We spoke to Evie from MAKE Southwest Craft&Making Saturday Club about their time on the programme.

What was is that sparked your interest in a Craft&Making Saturday Club? 

It was the idea of doing different things I could never do at home or at school. The thing with Craft&Making is that it requires a lot of materials and expertise to do such creative and amazing things, but outside of the Saturday Club there aren’t enough resources. Also, it’s really nice to be in a space where everyone wants to be there too, and there’s so much you can do with it – Craft&Making is all-encompassing. 

What things have you done so far that you’ve really feel like you couldn’t have done at school or at home? 

A lot of stuff involving clay and plaster of Paris – we casted and painted our own masks, which I had never done before. That’s probably been my favourite project, because we did it over three in-depth sessions so we could really focus on it. There was so much I learnt from it, and I had so much fun with new and different resources.  

How would you describe Saturday Club in three words? 

There are so many words that you could use, but I think I’d choose experiment, fluidity and expression, because Saturday Club is so much about exploring ideas without boundaries. 

What does Craft&Making mean to you? 

Expressing yourself through many different mediums as possible with a hands-on, physical approach. I really like creating things that are 3D because there’s so much more of yourself you can fit into a creation.  

Have you experienced any break-through moments at the MAKE Southwest Craft&Making Saturday Club? 

The very first session was a breakthrough. I had no idea what to expect. We played Picture Consequences with collage – it was a new way to play a familiar game, everyone added their own creative style, and I was able to collaborate with people I had only just met. Everyone put their own style into the game.

What inspires you the most? 

I seek inspiration from my friends. I think that’s why I enjoy the Saturday Club so much, because there’s just so much inspiration to be found from the people around you, especially when they’re like-minded and you can trust them to understand, listen and give you good ideas. 

How do you overcome a creative block or find motivation?  

I think generally with motivation I try to think about why I want to do what I’m doing. It’s important to do things I get enjoyment from. Even if it’s something I wouldn’t ordinarily like, I still think about which aspects I could find joy in. 

If there’s one thing that you could make better in the world, what would it be? 

I could answer this on a wider scale, with regards to climate change and world hunger, but I think on a smaller scale I’d choose access to arts and crafts. I think the world would just be a better place if everyone had the freedom to create and express themselves creatively. There’s so many people who could live such a better life if they had the freedom to express themselves however they like with whatever resources. It’s important to find something you love and have the ability to put yourself into it. 

What’s the best thing about being your age? 

Probably the social opportunities. As you get older there’s more freedom to meet people outside of school, and you can try new creative things through meeting them. There’s a lot more independence and discovery for the first time. 

How would you describe the sense of community at the MAKE Southwest Craft&Making Saturday Club? 

During our first week everyone was obviously quite nervous, but since then, after going every week, it’s been so much better. I’ve met amazing people I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Everyone laughs and jokes around – it just makes everything so much more fun. There’s so much joy in seeing them every week and knowing that they’re all like-minded people who enjoy the same things as me. 

If you could say anything to your future self, what would you say? 

I’d just ask ‘what am I doing right now?’ because I’m at a point in my life where I’m thinking about GSCEs, and then A-levels, so I’d ask ‘what do we want to do as a career?’ I have no idea what I want to do right now, so I’d probably want to find out. 

What’re your next steps with regards to the future? 

There are short term goals I’m aiming for, for example my final piece for Art, but I also really want to play in a band and do more sports. Right now is just about taking the things that I enjoy further, and finding new hobbies to love. 

The MAKE Southwest Craft&Making Saturday Club provides a friendly environment for young people to explore their creativity through a range of craft disciplines. Club members also take part in national events including Masterclasses with leading industry professionals and the Summer Show, where Saturday Clubs nationwide exhibit their work in a public exhibition – all for free!

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