5 reasons to join a National Saturday Club 

26 June, 2024

The National Saturday Club offers 13–16-year-olds nationwide the chance to explore subjects they love at local universities, colleges and cultural institutions, for free. This academic year, 1,800 young people attended 107 Clubs, spending their Saturday pursuing their interests and developing their skills.

There are many reasons why joining a Saturday Club is a good idea – read on to hear the top 5 reasons shared by National Saturday Club alumni and current Club members…

1. Expand your creativity

Joining a Saturday Club offers a variety of opportunities and experiences that will help you grow creatively. With a range of 8 different subject areas, there’s something for everyone! Here are a few skills you might learn at each Club:

  • Art&Design: zine making, graphic design, embroidery, robotics, illustration and architectural design.
  • Craft&Making: paper marbling, bookbinding, printmaking, leatherwork, ceramics, wire sculpture, and papercraft.
  • Fashion&Business: fashion styling, garment construction, fashion marketing, merchandising and sneaker design.
  • Performance&Theatre: acting, dance, movement, production, storytelling and script-writing.
  • Film&Screen: filmmaking, photography, animation, sound and lighting design.
  • Science&Engineering: AI, 3D printing, visualisation and production, computer science fundamentals, and digital interfacing.
  • Society&Change: understanding human rights and social justice, civic responsibilities, and exploring activism and representation.
  • Writing&Talking: poetry, novel writing, editing, characterisation, practicing bookbinding, composing and public speaking.

2. Build your network

Each Club has a tutor who is an expert in their field, with a wide range of interests and approaches. They are supported by student assistants who share their experiences and support Club members.

As part of the national programme, there are also Masterclasses led by inspiring industry experts and forward-thinking brands. These sessions provide insights into career journeys and offer hands-on creative workshops for Club members, showcasing how creative skills can be applied in the real world. This year, we have hosted 69 Masterclasses featuring brands such as Adobe, M&S, eBay, Manolo Blahnik, Ocean Generation and many more.

 Read all about the Masterclasses here

“I was able to gain confidence and finally feel like myself – and feeling welcomed by being myself.”  

Club member

3. Be part of a community and visit new places  

The Club is a fantastic way to meet new people who share your interests and passions. Many friendships have been formed and continue to grow throughout the process. 

Part of the programme includes The Visit, a network-wide event offering Club members the chance to attend exclusive tours of some of the UK’s leading cultural institutions. They gain access to world-class permanent collections and the latest exhibitions at museums and galleries such as Autograph, Design Museum, Hayward Gallery, London Transport Museum, London Zoo, Makerversity, National Theatre, Science Museum, Somerset House, Tate Britain, The Photographers’ Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Whitechapel Gallery. This initiative helps young people feel welcome in these renowned venues, giving them a sense of belonging in the sector they love.

“It was actually the London trip where I gained really close friends. We still speak to everyone from Saturday. That’s pretty nice because we all share the same interest in film.”

Sophia – Club alumni, Film&Screen at Reading College, Activate Learning

4. Gain valuable skills

In addition to creativity, the National Saturday Club helps you develop essential life skills that will benefit you in any future career. These include problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and more. It’s also an excellent place to boost your confidence in your chosen field as you are gaining more knowledge and experience, while also enhancing your ability to connect with others.

“I think that was the first time I realised teamwork is something important. It’s not just about what you want, it’s about other people and including other people’s ideas. At that time, I found it difficult just because you’re not put into that scenario a lot at school.”

Julia – Club alumni, Science&Engineering at Kingston University

5. Saturday Clubs are free! 

There are no fees, exams, or tests. You get to create freely without any pressure, and to conclude the year and celebrate your achievements, Club members exhibit their work at London’s prestigious Somerset House, a home of cultural innovators and a place to connect creatives. Click here to check out the Summer Show.

Joining a Club is a unique chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and gain career opportunities. There are no exams, and the aim is to focus on a subject you love. 

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