Annual Review 2021-22

This first edition of the Annual Review presents the National Saturday Club’s most recent research and evaluation findings.

Over the past 13 years we have had the tremendous privilege of engaging with thousands of young people nationally. This publication reflects upon the remarkable work and important learnings of the national network of expert tutors, educational institutions, industry and cultural partners.

Through the Annual Review we seek to share the National Saturday Club’s best practice findings with the wider creative, cultural and education sectors. Alongside the programme’s most recent data, a series of feature articles explore the programme’s approach to ‘what works’ in delivering creative education and widening participation, and examines how the model is increasing young people’s access to further study, amplifying young people’s voices, and preparing the next generation for the future world of work.

A special thank you to our contributors: Sarah Burton OBE, Tristram Carfrae RDI, Eliza Easton, Yvonne Kelly, Krishna Maroo, Professor Nona McDuff OBE, Dr David Parker, and our newly formed Youth Board.


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