Annual Review 2022-23

The Annual Review presents the National Saturday Club’s most recent research and evaluation findings.

Over the past 14 years we have had the tremendous privilege of engaging with thousands of young people nationally. This publication reflects upon the remarkable work and important learnings of the national network of expert tutors, educational institutions, industry and cultural partners.

Through the Annual Review we seek to share the National Saturday Club’s best practice findings with the wider creative, cultural and education sectors. Alongside the programme’s most recent data, a series of feature articles explore the organisation’s unique partnership model and its inherent scalability, how collaborations with industry are working to build young people’s skills and prepare them for future careers, and the effectiveness of working closely with the creative and cultural sector to reduce barriers to access and provide invaluable life experiences for young people nationwide.

A special thank you to our contributors: Leigh Adams, Andy Haldane CBE, Caroline Norbury OBE, Caroline Rush CBE, Deborah Pocock LVO, Patrick Reid, Sandra Booth, Georgia de Buriatte, Lisa Edwards, Dr Rhiannon Jones, Professor Keith McLay, Dr Neal Shasore, James Ward, Dr Gus Casely-Hayford, Kate Bellamy, Marcus Davey, Emmie Kell, Susan Raikes, Laura Sillars, and Esme Ward.

Additional thanks to our Trustees, Advisory Board, Tutors’ Advisory Group, Youth Board, Features Editor Rachael Moloney, Pentagram and Studio Quercus.


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