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πŸŽ₯ CFI Academy Film&Screen Saturday Club

πŸŽ₯ Are you a budding filmmaker, storyteller, or cinema enthusiast aged 13 to 16? Join us for an exciting journey into the world of film and screen at the CFI Academy Film&Screen Saturday Club!

πŸ“½ About Us
CFI Academy, in collaboration with the UK Network, BFI (British Film Institute), and Crawley College, is proud to introduce a one-of-a-kind opportunity for young talents like you to explore the magic of filmmaking. Our Saturday Club is your ticket to hands-on training, creative exploration, and a deep dive into the world of cinema.

🎬 What to Expect
At the CFI Academy Film&Screen Saturday Club, we offer a dynamic, engaging, and fun-filled program that covers:

Film Education: Discover the secrets of storytelling through film and screen. Learn about the history of cinema, the art of visual storytelling, and the technology behind the magic.

Hands-On Experience: Get your hands on professional-grade equipment and software. Direct, produce, and edit your own short films and projects, guided by experienced mentors.

Industry Insights: Gain invaluable insights into the film industry from guest speakers, filmmakers, and industry professionals. Get a glimpse into the real world of cinema.

Collaboration: Work with your peers on exciting projects, fostering teamwork and creativity. Form lasting friendships with fellow film enthusiasts.

Showcase Your Work: Celebrate your achievements with family and friends by showcasing your films at a special screening.

🌟 Why Join Us?
Unlock your creative potential and express your unique vision through film. Gain a competitive edge with practical skills and industry knowledge. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for storytelling. Prepare for a future in film, media, or any career that values creativity and communication.

πŸ—“ Schedule
Every Saturday, our club meets to explore, create, and have fun. Immerse yourself in the world of film and screen, one Saturday at a time.

πŸ”— Registration
Ready to embark on your cinematic journey? Register now to secure your spot in the CFI Academy Film&Screen Saturday Club. Limited slots available! Join us in shaping the future of storytelling through the lens of young filmmakers.

See you at the club! 🎬

Club start date:
18 November 2023
Saturdays, 12:00 – 15:00

Crawley Museum
103 High Street
RH10 1DD

Saturday Club? Well it’s the highlight of the week isn’t it?

Club member

It’s opened up a whole new world for us. It can change your life.

Club member

It’s shown me so much more than I knew was out there.

Club member



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