AHMM, climate, architectural scale, and mini-mes

  • London School of Architecture and RIBA

Club members from London School of Architecture and RIBA started their Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) Masterclass with a tour of the AHMM offices on Old Street – including the building’s materials library and roof terrace with a view of London. After meeting the team, Francesco Draisci, Associate at AHMM, and Dr. Craig Robertson, Head of Sustainability, briefed Club members on their task for the day: to create a mini-me at 1:10 scale. Club members were also challenged to create a home for their mini-me to live in, dictated by what kind of climate it occupied.  

Designing for a home situated in the tropics, desert areas, the Scottish Highlands or the arctic, Club members were encouraged to explore materials that minimise waste and ‘leave only good memories’ wherever possible. At the end of the Masterclass, the Club members’ models were assembled to create a collective architectural statement made up of the differing climates.

Each Club member also had the opportunity to present on their miniature figures and buildings, sharing their approach to climate and sustainability. 

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