Andrew Winch, superyacht design

  • Merrist Wood College

Art&Design Club members at Merrist Wood College were joined by Andrew Winch and his team from Winch Design to talk through the process of designing a superyacht exterior. 

Andrew led the team’s presentation that provided an insight into his career, his background and the wider luxury yacht design sector. He talked about how his business has grown and how he takes much of his design inspiration from natural forms to design very high-end super yachts and aircraft, as well as interiors. He also spoke about how Winch Designs is committed to supporting the next generation of crafts people and designers through their partnership with QEST. 

The team then introduced a series of drawing activities that began with Club members drawing their own shoe at increasing speeds – from having 10 minutes to just 30 seconds to draw. They then sketched four ideas for a super yacht in 8-minutes before picking their favourite for design development into profile and plan sketches.

The Winch Design team supported the Club members as they developed their ideas – encouraging them to design whatever they could dream of.

Club members then decided on a name for their designs and presented their concepts to the group. The designs were super exciting; drawing inspiration from cats, octopus, crabs and angler fish and featured tennis courts, rock climbing walls and tentacle slides!

Andrew encouraged the young people by saying “everyone draws in their own way” and “with art and design you can do anything.” 

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