ASOS, fashion retailer

  • London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

The London College of Fashion Club’s Masterclass was run by some of the team who produces the magazine and fashion shoots for online global fashion brand ASOS. The session started with the team speaking about their career paths, current roles and the people and tasks involved in producing a magazine, about the importance of content and of staying up to-date with trends. They spoke about how ideas lead to designs and then come to market though styling, photography and marketing.

For the practical part of the Masterclass, the ASOS team showed the Club members the mood boards that inspired one of the upcoming collections (they brought a rail of clothing, too – a sneak preview!), and asked them to make their own mood boards for a magazine feature and photo shoot, using pages from magazines. Everyone researched style trends and possible interviewees online, and the ASOS staff held one-to-one workshops on how to conduct a magazine interview.

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