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  • London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

The Fashion&Business Club at London College of Fashion thoroughly enjoyed their Masterclass with the ASOS magazine and styling team, gaining valuable industry insights and connecting the topics of their lessons with the experiences of working professionals.

The team began by explaining their roles, the workings of the buying department and the ASOS marketplace, and the process of creating a clothing sample through to seeing it on the main site. The young people’s main task for the day was to create mood boards for a summer spread in ASOS magazine, using images cut from magazines. They were also asked to select an outfit from a clothes rail in order to create a ‘look’, such as minimal, instaglam and festival. Producing some great imagery and outfits, the members loved the creativity and interactions of the day, and were really made to think about what inspires a fashion collection and how to create an appealing story in a magazine.

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