Boeing Global Services, Design the future ‘Bed Pod’

  • Kingston University London
  • Kingston University London

In a Masterclass with Boeing Global Services, Art&Design and Science&Engineering Club members at Kingston University London designed a mood board to showcase their concepts for a future ‘Bed Pod’. 

The day started with the Boeing Global Services team introducing their roles and career paths in aeronautical engineering. As a leading global aerospace company, Boeing develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defence products and space systems. They spoke about roles within the modifications team, who design everything that goes inside a plane, and provided information on apprenticeships, graduate schemes and internships. 

After the introductions, Club members were tasked with designing their vision of a future ‘Bed Pod’ – a bunk-bed space which aircraft economy-class passengers can rent for long-haul flights. Divided into groups and with assigned roles such as Creative Director, Chief Engineer and Safety Manager, they created mood boards and life-sized cardboard models of the bed structure to showcase their ideas. 

To conclude the Masterclass, Club members presented their ideas to the Boeing team and the cardboard models were tested to see if they could support a passenger. Throughout the session, members enhanced their teamwork and communication skills while combining technical thinking with creative problem-solving. 

18 May 2024 - National Saturday Club: Masterclass by Boeing Global Services at Kingston University (Art&Design and Science&Engineering). Club members designed and built models in the Bed Pod Challenge. Photo credit: Magnus Andersson

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