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In a collaborative Masterclass with design agency Bond & Coyne, Reading College Art&Design, Film&Media and Fashion&Business Clubs came together to explore the concept of brand, how a creative agency works, and how brands can influence important issues.

Following an introduction from Mike Bond and the Bond & Coyne team, members were encouraged to identify a brand. The next task was to create an idea that would improve or solve issues the brand may face, such as a campaign or opportunity that would prevent disengagement from the community or branding inconsistencies. A Club member commented that they really enjoyed “thinking about different issues around the world and how we can solve them”.

At the end of the session, each group was asked to feedback their innovative ideas to the rest of the group and the Bond & Coyne team. Mike commented that some of the young people’s work was “university level thinking”.

In addition to exploring brand strategies, Bond & Coye asked the members to try their new app (BETA phase) called The app is aimed at creative students and allows them to choose from a number of images that might be of interest. The app then advises you which creative career might be for you depending on your interests. One Club member said “the best part of the Masterclass was seeing how creativity can be incorporated into careers”.  

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