Bond+Coyne, campaign creation

  • Banbury and Bicester College

Design studio Bond+Coyne visited Banbury and Bicester College Art&Design Club to introduce the Club members to the process of campaign creation, graphic and spatial communication.

Mike Bond and Claire Langer talked to the Club members about the power of stopping people in their tracks in order to engage them in a cause, and challenged them to come up with ways to do this for imagined charities. Throughout the afternoon, the young people threw themselves into the tasks and produced some excellent storyboards, animations and installation concepts before presenting their ideas to the whole group.

After the Masterclass, Claire from Bond+Coyne commented  “We were really impressed by their ideas, their creative imagination, and how they all managed to pull a presentation together that they can be proud of. The session was a reminder to me, and the Bond and Coyne studio, of the power of tapping into your inner child-like imagination and how this can lead to unexpected and ultimately more intriguing ideas.”


Banbury and Bicester Art&Design Club were introduced to campaign creation in a Masterclass with Bond+Coyne

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