British Fashion Council, content creation & copywriting

  • London College of Fashion, UAL

The London College of Fashion Saturday Club were joined by the British Fashion Council (BFC) for a London Fashion Week (LFW) focused Masterclass in social media content creation and copywriting.  

The workshop started with a presentation by the BFC team that gave an overview on the history of LFW before focusing on this year’s 40th anniversary celebration.  

Club members were given a unique opportunity to scour through content captured during the event which showcased the wide selection of designers LFW has created a platform for. 

Using the presentation as inspiration, Club members worked under the guidance of the BFC team to create TikTok content that captured the essence of LFW and the different categories of designers it works with. Working in groups and on iPads, Club members selected an LFW category, such as ‘NEWGEN’ emerging designers or ‘Global Fashion’ brands that have come out of London to brainstorm key messaging and storytelling before producing the video content. 

 “Working with other people was very helpful because you got to share your ideas with them” – Club member 

The groups had the opportunity to present their creations and receive feedback from the BFC team. One Club member mentioned how they enjoyed the freedom and creative liberty they were given and how the Masterclass had a playful but meaningful atmosphere. Another said they discovered that there are many different branches of work in the fashion world. 

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