Ceres Power, green technology explorers: building a sustainable future

  • St Mary’s University

St Mary’s University Twickenham Science&Engineering Club members headed to Imperial College London for an insightful Masterclass about green technology with Ceres Power 

The Masterclass started with an engaging introductory talk by the Ceres Power team, shedding light on their pivotal role in combating climate change through creating hydrogen-based products. Introducing solutions such as ‘Solid Oxide Electrolysers’ and ‘Green Hydrogen’, the team helped Club members understand the importance of these technologies in building a sustainable future. 

Club members were then divided into groups to begin the practical lab activities. Group 1 explored the power of lemons and how it could power a small clock, while Group 2 delved into the world of electric cars and Group three took part in a session around turbines and hydrogen. Each group rotated through these sessions, gaining hands-on experience of generating green hydrogen. 

Following on from this activity, the Ceres Power team shared personal experiences and insights into their roles, career paths into the industry and allowed Club members to ask any questions they may have. 

After spending the morning learning from the industry professions, Club members were then tasked with creating a poster which highlighted how green technology could positively impact their communities or the wider world.  

To end the day, each group were given the opportunity to present their posters to the team and explain the concepts behind their work, as well as the potential transformative benefits.  

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