Daniel Durnin, thinking through making

  • City Of Oxford College

Daniel Durnin, multidisciplinary artist and maker, led a ‘Thinking Through Making’ Masterclass with Craft&Making Saturday Club members from City of Oxford College, Activate Learning. 

Daniel started the Masterclass by introducing himself and his conceptual approach to craft. Reflecting on his practice, he shared with Club members, ‘we think of craft as traditional but it’s actually quite radical,’ and, ‘craft is about think around solutions to problems’ – thoughts that would guide the Masterclass.  

Using ‘green wood working’ and ‘found’ timber, Club members began reimagining the plastic chair, including reinvention possibilities like a throne or hammock. Crafting with willow, twine, and woodworking tools, Club members created their own prototype chairs, experimenting with the freedom of a trial-and-error approach.

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