Dominick Tyler, photographer

  • University for the Creative Arts Epsom

Photographer Dominick Tyler delivered a Masterclass on landscape photography with the University of the Creative Arts Epsom Club, which their tutor Christine Loizou described as offering a myriad of ideas and learning opportunities.

Dominick began by talking a little about his own work and posing the question: “what is a landscape picture?” He then gave a slideshow history of landscape photography that provided context for the day’s activity  to make an image using a nearby location, thinking about form, light and shade, format, point of view and scale.

Dominick also demonstrated the basic functions of an SLR camera and offered some professional tips. After a group brainstorming, the Club members built props and took test shots, then developed their thinking with a group crit.

Their final shots showed a great deal of thought and were highly impressive, demonstrating their command of alternative approaches to landscape as well as reflecting their creativity and newly acquired technical skills.

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