eBay, fashion and the circular economy

  • Fashion Retail Academy

Fashion Retail Academy Saturday Club members were joined by eBay for a Masterclass on sustainable fashion.  

The Masterclass began with an introductory talk from the eBay team, where they discussed their vision for the future and a circular fashion industry. They spoke about their collaboration with Love Island and how the partnership helped showcase sustainable fashion to a new audience.   

Following the talk, Club members were paired up for an interactive workshop on upcycling. They were supplied with a selection of pre-loved garments and were tasked to bring them back to life by upcycling them into new outfits. Once completed, Club members developed 30 second pitches in the style of a TikTok video to ‘sell’ their creations. The group decided which outfits were their favourite by ‘buying’ them with Monopoly money. 

The winning designers won a voucher for tickets to the Fashion and Textile Museum and many of the Club members took their upcycled clothes home. 


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