Francesco Draisci, architect and designer

  • Banbury and Bicester College

Architect and designer Francesco Draisci led a fun and productive two-day Masterclass with the Banbury and Bicester College Art&Design Club that aimed to produce an installation of personalised boxes inspired by the favelas of Brazil.

Francesco began with an introduction to his background and current practice, explaining the increasing importance of cross-disciplinary work. After discussing ideas, Club members made a “mini-me” figure as an initial way of exploring scale and perspective and then began customising their 50cm- cubed cardboard boxes, encouraged by Francesco to really express themselves.

Amazing transformations took place including a theatre stage, a Mars-like landscape, an ice throne and a traditional home interior. Tutor Danielle Sterrenburg commented: “Sometimes everything comes together in a blissful moment. This was certainly one of them.”

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