Heatherwick Studio, designers and architects

  • Goldsmiths, University of London

Tutor Lucy Grace Trotman described Goldsmiths’ Art&Design Club’s Masterclass with Heatherwick Studio as “phenomenal”. “It exceeded my expectations,” she added. “The Heatherwick team were naturally great with young people, and really gave the Club members a lot to think about.” Hannah Parker, Tom Glover and Michael Kloihofer began the session by talking about their roles, how their team works together and how projects evolve, emphasising the importance of experimentation and exploring new ideas.

For the practical part of the class they set the Club a brief “to make the ordinary extraordinary”, using paper straws that could be joined with elastic bands, pipe cleaners and glue guns. The group worked with great focus and produced a remarkable range of creations, which Michael described as “really amazing and unexpected”. It was a unique and enjoyable insight into the industry.

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