Helen O’Hara, film critic

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

The Manchester Metropolitan University Writing&Talking Club took part in a Masterclass with film critic Helen O’Hara. Members watched a short, quirky horror film, then debated its content, offering firm opinions throughout, while Helen drew them on aspects that they may not have considered, such as music and dialogue. Helen then challenged the young people to review the film in 100 words or less. By the end of the session they had each written a review, and Helen concluded by answering individual questions and giving tailored advice on how to become a film critic. The Club’s tutor, Jessica Mallard, said: ‘It was great to see the members considering a viable career in something so niche. The idea of writing to a word count and a brief was something they’d never done before, so they learnt a lot about writing professionally and how it differs from creative writing.’

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